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How does Bridestory Pay work?

1. To apply your Bridestory Pay, please click on this link 

2. Complete your Bridestory Pay registration form properly and please don't forget to sign the agreement

3. After your application is approved, click "Create a New Quotation" to upload your quotation details and set a payment schedule

4. After completing the quotation details, you can send it to your client's email

5. Once your client have received the quotation, they can pay you instantly via Bridestory Pay

6. Your money will be transferred to your registered bank account in no more than 14 days

7. After your quotation is approved, our platform will automatically remind your clients about the next payment

8. For successful transactions via Bridestory Pay, you'll get Bridestory Points as a reward which you can use to enjoy Bridestory products & services for FREE