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Can Bridestory Pay handle transactions originating from outside Indonesia?

Yes, any cardholder with an appropriate card may make a payment using Bridestory Pay. The transaction will be converted to Indonesian Rupiah and the foreign currency conversion is handled by Visa or MasterCard.

To do so, please follow these steps:

1. If you haven't downloaded Bridestory app, please download from App Store/ Google Play Store.

2. Tap Bridestory Pay menu on top-right corner.


3. You will  need to select your wedding vendors. After the deal is made and you received the quotation from your vendor, tap "approve quotation".


4. Tap "Pay 1st payment"


5. Tap "continue to payment"


6. Tap "International Payment"


7. Tap "Credit Card":


8. Fill in all the columns (your card details) >> tap "pay" button. 


9. You will be directed to Bridestory Pay payment system. Finish your payment until you receive a verification code from your bank (OTP). Here's for an example:


10. You will be able to see this page if the payment is successfully made.