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Bridestory’s Project Guideline

What kind of images and videos should I upload as my Bridestory project?

To ensure the quality of projects in Bridestory, here are some basic rules that you need to follow when uploading project:

  1. Works should be professionally taken. This means, the works that you uploaded are expected to be hi-res, not blurry, original (any kind of screenshots are not permitted)
  2. Proper lighting is an important aspect for every photo. Avoid too much or too little brightness to increase picture’s quality
  3. Upload works that you have previously done. Please refrain from using other people’s works that are not yours and upload it as your project. If the project is done together with other vendors, then make sure to give complete credits to them. Bridestory has the right to take down projects (images and/or videos) that are proven to be stolen from other sources, with or without vendor’s consent
  4. You may only upload images or videos that represent your portfolio or works as part of your Projects. Vendors are not allowed to upload images or videos that contain promotional items (pricelist, promo/ discount, newsletter, brochures) or irrelevant contents (review screenshot/ regram, non-wedding works)
  5. 1 project folder can contain up to 50 photos or videos. Use the available spaces by uploading minimum 20 photos or videos per project
  6. Last but not least, please be proper. Bridestory does not accept nudity and partial nudity works, be it in form of image or video