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What differentiates Bridestory from other wedding websites?

First and foremost, Bridestory is a reliable platform where you can create your presence online. Our mission is to bridge, or in many ways, wedding vendors in Bridestory and engaged couples alike, connecting the two parties together in a single wedding event.

Secondly, Bridestory is a Lead Generation Platform. We deliver prospective clients right to your doorsteps by sending email notifications every time a potential client who requests your contact details, saves your profile or sends you a message. Updated daily detailed statistics that can also be viewed on your business dashboard to see which engaged couples are interested in your service.

Lastly, Bridestory enables engaged couples to search for specific vendors by category, budget, color and location. Couples can narrow down their searches to seek inspiration; for example, when they want a green-themed invitation from moderate budget vendors in Jakarta, they can refine the search and view the works from relevant vendors to make an informed decision that encompasses which vendor offers what suits them.